Uptothesky.com is now PrivateJournalPro.com

We have upgraded the old site with lots of improvements and new design.
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Why did we change Uptothesky to PrivateJournalPro?

The history goes back to 2008 when we first created our web app, named uptothesky. Within a short period of time, our web app became very popular. We continually updated our web app to make it more secure, robust, and faster. However, some issues prevented us from further improvements. The core of the site was built in 2008, which is now 15 years old. To continue making improvements, we needed to upgrade the core framework to be compatible with the newest technology.

Additionally, some users reported missing entries, and the website was not mobile-friendly, which is a major issue nowadays. Therefore, we decided to create the site from scratch using the latest technology to update and improve it further, and make it rock solid.

Previously, our site was supported by ads only. However, showing ads on the website made it vulnerable to malicious attacks, which you might have heard of as malvertising. So, we decided to completely ditch ads from our site and introduced a subscription system to protect your data and provide the security you deserve.